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Product and Services Catalog 2015

Vertex Mechanical, an HVAC company out of Stevens, Pennsylvania, is an anomaly in an industry plagued with fly-by-night operations only interested in their bottom line. Vertex Mechanical takes the side of their customers and is fully committed to their mission and vision, which is all about reaching perfection. For them, it’s about the journey and their success is merely a byproduct of staying focused on doing right by their customers, contributing to their community, and taking care of their employees. It stands to reason that their advertising and communication materials be reflective of that commitment.

Invictus was hired by Vertex at the beginning of 2014 where we were charged with taking their vision and creating a visual language that not only engaged their core demographic but also inspired a sense of internal unity. We wanted to make work that their employees were proud to be a part of.

Identity, uniforms, fleet graphics, and advertising were just the beginning. Their product and services catalog (displayed above) became the center piece for this thought. What if we showed the faces of the folks that worked at Vertex instead of a bunch of equipment that no one cares about? What if we found a way to make a personal connection between the people of Vertex and their customers?

The result is a 44-page product-and-services catalog that does just that. We utilized custom photography of the staff that would become the focal point throughout the piece while simultaneously promoting their services as well as some of the product offerings featured under those services.

Vertex Mechanical now has a piece of collateral that humanizes an otherwise cold and mechanical industry but still honors their core competencies. For us at Invictus, we saw this as simply people talking to people.