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‘The Baron’ Restaurant & Food Truck

What can we say about Baron Von Schwein? They’re culinary maniacs and we are honored to be working with them. The Baron (as they are affectionately known) approached Invictus in March 2014 with an idea. They had been working as a small, independent purveyor of pulled pork managing local catering events but they wanted more.



Their vision was to establish and create the greatest food-truck service on both sides of the Mississippi serving a unique blend of pork buns, mac and cheese, and signature sodas. Because of the tremendous amount of positive feedback they had been receiving, the timing for the launch of their food truck had to be now!

Our task was to create a brand identity and message for the Baron that would be extrapolated into all facets of their outreach. The projects included a food truck design, collateral material, wearables, signage, packaging and the like. Our only directive was “no pigs!” We admired their disdain for the obvious but also felt that we could come up with a solution that looked at the “obvious” in a new way. In this, we could create a unique solution without abandoning a simple way for their consumers to connect.

Our Hero: The Big Bad Wolf

What we did to solve this problem was simple. We thought of the most well-recognized consumer of pork besides humans — wolves! An idea was born. The Baron’s identity and branding are based on our interpretation of the childhood classic, “The Three Little Pigs.” The hero in our story, however, is the Big Bad Wolf. Join the wolf pack, eat some pork!

It was important to Invictus and the Baron that as a patron, all of your senses  be engaged. Now you get a visual treat that matches the culinary one you are about to consume.

The Restaurant

A view from the inside.

A view from the inside.

With a highly recognizable presence, tremendous work ethic, and a product offering that keeps you coming back, the Baron continues to succeed where many others have failed. They are quickly becoming a staple in the community and their success has led them to the opening of a storefront in downtown York, PA, where Invictus was involved with consulting and implementing everything from the physical layout of the restaurant to furniture to interior design elements, outdoor signage, and menu boards. We are thrilled to be partnered with the Baron and can’t wait to see where this is going!